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Sophie Varin

1993, FR

lives and works in Rotterdam, NL


Drunken master, 2016 epoxy clay 180x80cm

Bye bye marble, 2016 (with Agata Ingarden) Ensba, FR

Slow afternoon for the guilty,2017

One, over two, under one, over two, 2017 soft and hard tinted foams, variable dimensions

Drunken Masters, 2017 epoxy clay, wood 180x100x100cm

the blade spares none, 2017 coated metal, tinted resin 100x50cm

Snake in the eagle's shadow, 2016 coated metal, found objects variable dimensions

Slow afternoon for the guilty, 2017 fabric 300x100 each panel

The Kid, The Housemaster, The Gambler, The Impersonator, 2017 soft and hard tinted foam variable dimensions

le garde du corps, 2016 coated metal, tinted resin 100x90x10

Have a nice, 2016 Hunter College, New York US

Hoja de banana keep frozen, 2016 Hunter College, New York US

Dream of the lotus eaters, 2017 seagrass, 110x10cm

Dragon meeting phoenix in a lanterned court, 2017 Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam NL

Please water the plant, 2016 Ensba, Paris FR