“It’s ok not to be ok.” Jean-Michel is an avatar created by painters Sophie Varin and Antoine Carbonne, and it could live by that motto. JM represents the archetype of a sensitive and overthinking being we all are sometimes. JM is not afraid however and is aiming to reach beyond its deepest fears.
The collaboration was initiated in Mexico city in early 2021.




In these troubled times, they would like to promote the ideas of softness and fluid relationships in a work field that is often harsh to its actors, and mostly solitary. The world of creation. They integrate narration in paintings that are like theater or movie scenes. In a game of hide and seek, we can see characters chasing one another in very colorful landscapes, somewhat symbolizing the situation of two painters working together, helping each other, or the contrary. The duo often follows the absent-minded stroll of two troubled characters. They struggle through a landscape that seems to be resisting them. They chase each other as they try to escape.




Fall 2021 oil on canvas 90x60cm


Shadowing 2020 oil on canvas 40x30cm



Everyone's best friend 2021 oil on canvas 30x10cm


Come and Go 2020 oil on canvas 40x30cm



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