Sophie Varin, born in France in 1993, lives and works between Brussels and Rotterdam.
Since 2018, she holds a MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam
after getting a BA at the Beaux Arts de Paris and studying at the Hunter College of New York.

Sophie Varin considers sculpture and painting as entangled fields of representations,
open to interpretations and activations. Very much connected to the way mimicry is
being used by animals, hunters and fishermen she uses her works as a way to formally
express human adaptabilites -or lack of it- to social contexts. Her investigations revolve
around conviviality, hospitality, and crafts, and the complexities and misinterpretations related to it.
By exaggerating, misusing or transforming common subjects like meals, or household furniture,
Sophie Varin creates distorted scenarios where apparent familiarity shows a twisted face.

Fiction and suspense are important elements in the composition of her work. In 2017, she invented
the character of a french amateur detective, J.P Gutti, whose first adventures took place in Crete
in The Best Intentions of J.P Gutti, published in 2018 as her master's thesis.
She is currently writing Gutti in the rising tide, taking her detective to a
remote island in Brittany, France.

In 2016, Sophie Varin co-founded an artist run initiative in Rotterdam called The FreeShop.

She also is an occasional-accidental chef.


on method

on writing fiction and how it informs the sculptural work

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